Mtxc Women’s Flight Attendant Girl Culture Cosplay Airline stewardess Uniform 3rd

Mtxc Women’s Flight Attendant Girl Culture Cosplay Airline stewardess Uniform 3rd

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High degree of reduction
To pursuit of wearing effect, the standard size is slim style. Please compare the measurements on the product description carefully when you order it. And the same when you order the plus size.


Together with: Suit,T-Blouse,Skirt,Hat Subject matter: Cotton Simple Subject matter,Uniform Material,Polyester cotton Simple Subject matter Lining.
Kid Size Small(6XS):Height 3’7-4’3ft/110-130cm,Bust 23.6in/55-64cm,Waist 20.9in/50-56cm,Hip 26.8in/60-72cm.
Child Size Small(3XS):Height 4’4-4’11ft/130-150cm, Bust 27.6in/65-74cm, Waist 23.6in/57-62cm, Hip 30.3in/73-83cm.
XX-Small:Height 4¡¯11ft/148-152cm,Bust 30.3in/76-78cm, Waist 22.8in/57-59cm,Hip 33.5in/84-86cm.
X-Small:Height five¡¯1ft/153-157cm,Bust 31.5in/79-81cm,Waist 24.0in/60-62cm,Hip 34.6in/87-89cm.
Small:Height five¡¯3ft/158-162cm,Bust 32.7in/82-84cm,Waist 25.2in/63-65cm,Hip 35.8in/90-92cm.
Medium:Height five¡¯5ft/163-167cm,Bust 33.9in/85-87cm,Waist 26.4in/66-68cm,Hip 37.0in/ninety three-95cm.
Large:Height five¡¯7ft/168-172cm,Bust 35.0in/88-90cm,Waist 27.6in/69-71cm,Hip 38.1in/ninety six-98cm.
X-Massive:Height five¡¯9ft/173-177cm,Bust 36.2in/ninety one-93cm,Waist 28.7in/72-74cm,Hip 39.4in/99-101cm.
XX-Massive:Height five¡¯11ft/178-182cm,Bust 37.4in/ninety four-96cm,Waist 30.0in/75-77cm,Hip 40.6in/102-104cm.
XXX-Massive:Height 6¡¯1ft/183-187cm,Bust 38.6in/ninety seven-99cm,Waist 31.1in/78-80cm,Hip 41.7in/105-107cm.
XS Plus: Height five¡¯1ft/155cm,Bust 33.1in/81-84cm,Waist 25.2in/59-64cm,Hip 35.0in/86-89cm.
S Plus: Height five¡¯3ft/160cm, Bust 35.0in/86-89cm, Waist 27.2in/66-69cm, Hip 37.0in/ninety one-94cm.
M Plus: Height five¡¯5ft/165cm,Bust 37.0in/ninety one-94cm,Waist 29.1in/71-74cm,Hip 39.0in/ninety seven-99cm.
L Plus: Height five¡¯7ft/170cm,Bust 40.6in/ninety seven-103cm,Waist 33.1in/80-84cm,Hip 42.9in/104-109cm.
XL Plus: Height five¡¯9ft/175cm,Bust 44.1in/107-112cm,Waist 36.6in/88-93cm,Hip 46.5in/112-118cm.
XXL Plus: Height five¡¯11ft/180cm,Bust 45.7in/113-116cm,Waist 38.6in/ninety four-98cm,Hip 48.4in/119-123cm.
XXXL Plus: Height 6¡¯1ft/185cm,Bust 46.9in/117-119cm,Waist 44.1in/99-112cm,Hip 52.0in/124-132cm.
If the above size does not are compatible you, Please give you the exact size of yours, We will be able to make a selection a more appropriate size for you. And please give us an e-mail in 24 hours.
Top degree of reduction
To pursuit of dressed in impact, the usual size is narrow taste. Please compare the measurements at the product description moderately whilst you order it. And the similar whilst you order the plus size.

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