Women’s Pink Mermaid Halloween Costume Body Suit

Women’s Pink Mermaid Halloween Costume Body Suit

$64.00 (as of January 6, 2019, 9:15 am) $29.95

At Tipsy Elves we make the most outrageous clothes to make your life more fun.
Tipsy Elves sexy Halloween costume bodysuits are sure to make you the life of the party.
From naked to awesome in just one zip!


Ariel used to be a cute mermaid however she wouldn’t have the rest on you while you sport the Tipsy Elves Mermaid body suit. This Mermaid gown comes complete with inexperienced “Fin” subject material at the bottom and pink coconut shells on best. Slip into this body suit and you can briefly see that lifestyles is far better down where it is wetter, take it from Tipsy.
At Tipsy Elves we take advantage of outrageous garments to make your lifestyles more a laugh.
Tipsy Elves horny Halloween gown bodysuits are certain to make you the lifetime of the celebration.
From naked to awesome in only one zip!
These Halloween gown body suits are super prime quality, slimming and built to last.
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