Unisex Lycra Spandex Unitard Mock Neck Long Sleeves Footless Bodysuit Costume

Unisex Lycra Spandex Unitard Mock Neck Long Sleeves Footless Bodysuit Costume

$12.99 (as of January 6, 2019, 1:30 pm)

Small: Height:4’9″-5’1″; Bust:27.5″-30.5″; Waist:22.5″-26″; Hips:27.5″-31.5″; Weight:88-110lbs
Medium: Height: 5’1″-5’5″; Bust: 30.5″-33.5″; Waist:26″-29″; Hips: 31.5″-34.5″; Weight: 110-132 lbs
Large: Height: 5’5″-5’9″; Bust: 33.5″-36″; Waist:29″-32″; Hips: 34.5″-37.5″; Weight: 132-154 lbs


Smartly-made quality lycra spandex unitards Please observe the dimensions chart under to make a choice the most productive size for you. Size Chart: ——-S——- Height: four’nine”-five’1″ (a hundred forty five-155cm); Bust: 27.five”-30.five” (sixty nine.five-78cm); Waist: 22.five”-26″ (fifty seven-66cm); Hips: 27.five”-31.five” (70-80cm); Weight : 88-one hundred ten lbs (40kg-50kg); ——-M——- Height: five’1″-five’five” (one hundred fifty five-165cm); Bust: 30.five”-33.five” (seventy eight-86cm); Waist:26″-29″ (sixty six-74cm); Hips: 31.five”-34.five” (eighty-88cm); Weight : one hundred ten-132 lbs (50kg-60kg); ——-L——- Height: five’five”-five’nine” (a hundred sixty five-175cm); Bust: 33.five”-36″ (86-92cm); Waist:29″-32″ (seventy four-82cm); Hips: 34.five”-37.five” (88-96cm); Weight : 132-154 lbs (60kg-70kg); ——-XL——- Height: five’nine”-6′ (one hundred seventy five-185cm); Bust: 36″- 38.five” (ninety two-98cm); Waist: 32″-35″ (eighty two-90cm); Hips: 37.five”-forty” (ninety six-102cm); Weight: 154-176 lbs (70kg-80kg); ——-XXL——- Height: 6′-6’four” (185-195cm); Bust: 38.five”-forty one.five” (ninety eight-106cm); Waist: 35″-38.five” (ninety-98cm); Hips: forty”-forty three” (102-110cm); Weight: 176-198 lbs (80kg-90kg); Please note that the measurements are done by hand and please permit about 1 inch tolerence.
Small: Height:four’nine”-five’1″; Bust:27.five”-30.five”; Waist:22.five”-26″; Hips:27.five”-31.five”; Weight:88-110lbs
Medium: Height: five’1″-five’five”; Bust: 30.five”-33.five”; Waist:26″-29″; Hips: 31.five”-34.five”; Weight: one hundred ten-132 lbs
Huge: Height: five’five”-five’nine”; Bust: 33.five”-36″; Waist:29″-32″; Hips: 34.five”-37.five”; Weight: 132-154 lbs
X-Huge: Height: five’nine”-6′; Bust: 36″- 38.five”; Waist: 32″-35″; Hips: 37.five”-forty”; Weight: 154-176 lbs
XX-Huge: Height: 6′-6’four”; Bust: 38.five”-forty one.five”; Waist: 35″-38.five”; Hips: forty”-forty three”; Weight: 176-198 lbs

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